Jacksonville, North Carolina

Waste removal is a very important aspect of running a business or as a homeowner. When you have a dedicated area to dump the garbage and it is collected and transported away, it become very convenient. Dumpster rentals in Jacksonville, North Carolina are a great solution for waste management. With dumpster rentals, your waste management will become more efficient and you can avoid problems related to delivery, pick-up, accidents and unplanned costs. 

We at ABC Waste Containers strive to provide excellent service to all our customers every time they hire us. We are known for being responsive and are a preferred choice when people search for dumpster rentals near me. 

Why should you hire ABC Waste Containers?

Many people are concerned about how to manage their project related trash and dumpster rentals are a preferred choice. It is imperative that you look for reliable dumpster rentals in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Here are some factors that make us a preferred choice when it comes to dumpster rentals in Jacksonville, North Carolina. 

  • We are locally based and accessible
  • We use proper waste disposal methods
  • We have different sizes of dumpsters, so you can choose one basis your need
  • We have the right set of tool and equipment to get any waste removal job done

Hiring us is a very simple process and you just need to choose a dumpster size and pick a date and time of your convenience. Our team will come to your place in Jacksonville, North Carolina or any surrounding area and help you transport and dispose your waste with our roll off dumpster rental service. 

Residential and commercial services dumpster rental

We cater to both residential and commercial customers with dumpster rentals in Jacksonville, North Carolina. With our residential dumpster rental service, we can take care of clean outs and home improvement projects. Many of our customers hire us when they are vacating a place or moving homes. Some common projects when you can use our residential services are:

Roll Off Dumpster for Moving North Carolina

Moving or Clean outs

Save yourself the time and trouble of dealing with a large amount of garbage that would have to be taken to the dump or dragged curbside, and contact us for a convenient dumpster rental.

Garage Clean Outs

Attic and Basement Clean Outs

Moving Clean Outs

Dumpster Rental for Renovations North Carolina

Home Improvement Projects

When doing a renovation project at your home, keep your home and yard clean with Dumpster Rentals from ABC Waste Containers.

Installing new floors

Replacing a deck/patio

Remodeling kitchen/bathroom

Or any home improvement project

Dumpster Service for New Construction North Carolina

New Construction or Renovations

During a construction project ABC Waste Containers are available in 12 yard and 20 yard dumpsters for your convenience.







8’wide 4’ tall 14’ long

Residential house, basement, garage clean-outs

Small remodeling and addition projects

Small roof replacements (less than 30 square feet)

Organic landscape debris

Clean fill ( Brick, Stone, Dirt )

Roll Off Dumpster Rental North Carolina



8’wide 6’tall 14’ long

Residential house, basement, garage clean-outs

Small remodeling and addition projects

Small roof replacements (less than 30 square feet)

Organic landscape debris

Clean fill ( Brick, Stone, Dirt )

Roll Off Dumpster Rental North Carolina



8’wide 5’tall 20’ long

Office or large home renovation projects

Roof replacements

Junk Removal

Organic landscape debris

Clean fill ( Brick, Stone, Dirt )


Our construction dumpster rental services are used by our clients during new construction projects or large scale renovations. Building demolitions also become easier to handle with our dumpster rental as we can take care of the waste generated from the demolition. Our 20-yard open top type dumpsters are very useful in this scenario. If you are wondering what is the rental for 20-yard dumpster, reach out to our team today. We will be able to explain the rental process and the dumpster sizes to you in detail so that you can easily pick one that suits your needs.

If you want to know more about our services or want to book a rental in Jacksonville, North Carolina, reach out to us at ABC Waste Containers today. We are available on call at 910-650-7339, give us a call today and give us an opportunity to be of service to you. You can also fill our Online Form and we will reach out to you at the earliest. Our team will also be happy to provide you a free estimate and offer any advice that you might need. 

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ABC Waste was Amazing!

I couldn’t believe how quickly they delivered a dumpster for use during our remodeling project, I highly recommend ABC for Dumpster Rentals! Saved us tons of time, I’ll definitely use them again.

-Michel Joy


ABC Waste Containers is on point.

The team at ABC Waste Containers is on point. Very responsive and they have high quality equipment. Would recommend ABC Waste Containers for dumpster rentals of either new construction or remodeling projects.

-Rick C